Airport Security at LAS
McCarran International
Airport Type Public
Owner Clark County Department of Aviation
Location Paradise, NV
Serves Las Vegas, NV
Liquid Ban Interpretation Strict
No. of Security Checkpoints 4
Bypass between concourses Limited
Seperation Rule Enforced
Security Category X

Security at LAS has been described by many to be more strict and controlling than other airports.

  • LAS TSO's require that all laptops, DVD players, game consoles be seperated form their bags
    • Some have been known to mistake hard disk drives and desktop computers for laptops
  • The liquid ban is strictly enforced. Although there are some lazier screeners, LAS will probably not allow any liquid past the security checkpoint that isn't in a plastic ziploc bag.
  • All non-medical footwear must be removed. This includes sandals and flip-flops. If you don't wear socks or disposable paper shoes expect to walk barefoot

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