It is a fantasy airline based at Newcastle International Airport (NCL) in the UK.

Its fleet consists of:

27 ATR 72-500 (incl. 2 -200) 17 Airbus A319 (with V2500 engines) (includes 2 A320's) 3 Boeing 737-400 2 Boeing 747-200 (with Rolls Royce engines) 2 MD-11 (with Pratt and Whitney engines)OUT OF SERVICE

The ATR's are used for regional flights within the Uk and for the Newcastle-Brussels route. The A319, A320 and 737's are used for European routes and to Cairo and Tripoli and other North African cities.

The 2 747's are used for the Newcastle-New York/Washington and for the connection to Ankara, Bejing, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The trijet MD-11 are unused are are for sale.

The fictional airline is owned by Craig Bryant, the 'official' site is